What Should I Look For in a High-limit Long-term Disability Policy: Flexibility & Customization

Part 2 – Your group is unique – you need flexibility to customize

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High-limit long-term disability coverage (High-limit LTD) is a product that is gaining traction among highly compensated professionals. Increasingly, law firms and corporations are realizing that standard group disability policies and traditional supplemental policies do not adequately protect the compensation of their partners and executives if they were to become disabled.

But, what should you look for in your group’s High-Limit LTD policy? As innovators in the industry and the first to bring a guaranteed issue product to this market in the U.S., The Westport Group (TWG) will give you an insider’s view on how to assess a High-Limit LTD plan.

Flexibility to Customize

Your group’s protection needs are not the same as the needs of any other group. The goals and experiences of the group and their protection priorities are different, and that’s why customization is key.

As the designer of the policy, TWG is able to customize plans. We listen to the goals of the group, design options that fit their needs, and present in a way that is clear to understand. We take a consultative approach that relies on getting to know our clients well so that we can anticipate your needs and become a true partner.

How can you measure if your High-Limit LTD policy will be flexible and customized to your group?

High-Limit LTD should never feel like it is one-size-fits all. High-Limit LTD should be customized to meet the definitions that will best match your underlying DI policy and meet the needs of your group.

With customization, there may be policy options such as company or firm paid vs. paid by the individual; mandatory , voluntary or hybrid participation; and variation in amount of income replaced and for how long. The flexibility to customize is what enables TWG to design coverage that meets your group’s goals.

The TWG Difference: Flexibility to Customize
“We can customize coverage to a high degree. In fact, we’ve never written the same coverage twice. We’re listening to our clients so that we can customize. That’s TWG’s edge,” said Gary Terry, co-founder and EVP at TWG.

Questions & Considerations:

  • Is the team spending time to get to know your group and asking questions that lead to thoughtful solutions?
  • Do you find the policy options are being explained clearly and in a way that makes you confident in the coverage?

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