What Should I Look For in a High-limit Long-term Disability Policy: Seamless Integration

Part 1 – Seamless Integration is important at every policy stage

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High-limit long-term disability coverage (High-limit LTD) is a product that is gaining traction among highly compensated professionals. Increasingly, law firms and corporations are realizing that standard group disability policies and traditional supplemental policies do not adequately protect the compensation of their partners and executives if they were to become disabled.

But, what should you look for in your group’s High-Limit LTD policy? As innovators in the industry and the first to bring a guaranteed issue product to this market in the U.S., The Westport Group (TWG) will give you an insider’s view on how to assess a High-Limit LTD plan.

Seamless integration

Most companies have a group disability plan and are looking to augment this coverage with a High-limit Long Term Disability Plan (High-Limit LTD). So, you need your Group LTD and your High-Limit LTD coverage to work well together.

At TWG, we’ve heard clients describe our High-Limit LTD policies as “snapping onto” their existing Group LTD plan. When your High-Limit LTD and Group LTD work together, we call that seamless integration. While seamless integration is ideal when you’re choosing a plan, it is also important to position you for an easier, more efficient experience in the case of a claim.

How can you predict if your Group LTD and High-Limit LTD will be seamlessly integrated?

Group LTD and High-Limit LTD are seamlessly integrated when the policy definitions match. Policies define coverage terms such as what qualifies as a permanent disability, how long coverage lasts, and what it means to be unable to work. When these definitions are different, an insured person might be covered by one policy, but not the other. It’s not the level of protection that you were expecting.

At TWG, we review the key definitions in your current Group LTD coverage and embed them directly into our added layer of High-limit LTD coverage.

For example, we’re often able to provide coverage that lasts until retirement. Unfortunately, some competitors have restrictive terms that end benefits to a disabled person after a few years.

Additional ways that TWG’s policies are seamless is that we’re able to cover groups of people both nationally and internationally and plan designs can be adjusted to meet the needs of various eligible groups. We can also illustrate benefits and premiums and make claim payments in several currencies.

The TWG Difference: Seamless Integration

“The Westport Group prides itself on seamless integration. TWG is able to customize your coverage so that definitions are matched and the addition of High-Limit LTD feels like an extension of your current coverage,” according to TWG co-founder and EVP, Chris Kristian.

Questions & Considerations:

  • What are the aspects of your group LTD policy that are most important to your group?
  • Will the High-limit coverage I’m considering seamlessly integrate with my group’s existing coverage?
  • Do I have both national and international employees to consider? Do we need separate plan designs to serve the eligible groups?

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