What Should I Look For in a High-limit Long-term Disability Policy: Administration & Implementation

Part 3 – Exploring administration and implementation

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High-limit long-term disability coverage (High-limit LTD) is a product that is gaining traction among highly compensated professionals. Increasingly, law firms and corporations are realizing that standard group disability policies and traditional supplemental policies do not adequately protect the compensation of their partners and executives if they were to become disabled.

But, what should you look for in your group’s High-Limit LTD policy? As innovators in the industry and the first to bring a guaranteed issue product to this market in the U.S., The Westport Group (TWG) will give you an insider’s view on how to assess a High-Limit LTD plan.

Ease of administration and implementation

Once you’ve made a High-Limit LTD policy decision, the people who are covered by the plan will need to enroll. They may need to make choices about their coverage, and in order to do so, they’ll need to fully understand the coverage.

TWG is able to guide the enrollment and implementation process. From educational communication to insureds to online enrollment support, TWG’s Enrollment and Implementation team will be on hand to walk you through each step of the process. Our clients call it white glove service, but to us, it’s the way we do business.

It’s important to think about why you’re considering additional insurance – to further protect people if a disability were to happen. TWG’s support continues through claims. We represent the insured person at time of claim and help to advocate for the best possible outcome.

How can you predict the quality of your the Enrollment and Administration experience?

When comparing insurers, ask to meet the Enrollment and Implementation team and get to know the team you’ll be working closely with.

The TWG Difference: Ease of Administration
“We’re going to support you from the moment that we meet you, through plan design, through enrollment and through time of claim. We’re a phone call or an email away – always available for any question or to offer support,” Shelly Mushinski, Director of Enrollment and Implementation.

At TWG, our team is brought into client meetings in the beginning of the process. The team knows the population that they’ll be serving and how to best service the group. Our team has best-in-class tools – from education to online enrollment.

And, we’re happy to connect you to our clients who can speak to their positive, professional experience with the TWG team.

Questions & Considerations:

  • Has there been a consistent team of contacts in each meeting?
  • How will the team make coverage easy to implement and administer?
  • When it is time for annual renewals, can the provider support adjustments to the coverage so that it better aligns with the needs of the participants?

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Flexibility to Customize

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