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Solving the Protection Gap for Your Most Valued Executives


Should rank-and-file employees have a greater percentage of income protection than your C-suite?

It’s difficult to recruit and retain corporate executives. It seems there’s always an opportunity at a competing company for true movers and shakers. The difference they make is large — they may influence entire departments — and their compensation often matches their impact.

But when you consider the complexity of how someone at this level is paid and what your company’s current policy protects, the reality is that there is a tremendous gap in income protection in the case of a disability.

And when you compare the percentage of income coverage between a rank-and-file employee and a C-suite executive, the employee may have a higher percentage of salary replacement in the case of disability.


A closer look at executive disability

Generally, if an executive becomes disabled, her employee benefits plan covers only a portion of her base salary (usually 60%) but does not take into consideration her incentive compensation, including bonus, stock, and restricted stock.

The fact is, incentive-based compensation is almost always excluded from employee benefit plans.

TWG’s signature solution for corporations

No insurance company has ever covered stock options and restricted stock — until now. Through TWG’s Executive Income Assurance Plan, we can provide supplemental disability insurance solutions that protect not just base salary, but also bonus, stock options, and restricted stock. And programs are delivered on a guaranteed-issue basis with no medical underwriting.

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