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CBS Boston

Local team sailing in renowned Figawi race to raise money to help prevent veteran suicide

BOSTON - The world-famous Figawi sailing race is coming to the Cape this weekend, launching Friday off Hyannis. In the mix will be a local team fighting for much more than a sailing title. Business partners Gary Terry and Chris Kristian are hoping to make waves far beyond this race.

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WCBV Boston

5 for Good: Figawi sailing team raising money to prevent veteran suicide

BOSTON - The crew of the sailboat the Defiance claimed the performance trophy at the Figawi charity sailing race a year ago.

Crew captain Martha Kristian said they are prepared to defend that title this Memorial Day weekend, and will do so on a new boat with a fitting name, the Defender.

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Inc. 5000

The Westport Group Ranked 2,971 in Inc. 5000’s 2021 Listing

In this exclusive guide to America’s top private companies, brains, bravery, and optimism propelled these businesses to the annual fast-growth list, even amid the pandemic.

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The Westport Group Ranked One of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies for the 5th Consecutive Year

As an innovator and industry leader, TWG serves their market with bespoke products, intuitive service, and an unbroken promise to answer the call at time of claim.

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Boston Business Journal

The Westport Group Recognized for Rapid Growth

The Boston Business Journal introduces its exclusive 2020 Fast 50 honorees, which represent the 50 fastest-growing private companies in Massachusetts.

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Boston Business Journal

TWG Ranks #25 on Boston Business Journal’s “Fast 50” List

For the third year, The Westport Group has landed themselves on the Boston Business Journal’s Fast 50 List, this year earning #25.

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Law Practice

A Disability Strikes

Review your disability benefits while you're healthy and working.

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The Lane Report

Opinion: When is a Pay Bonus Not a Bonus?

If you’re expecting a raise in salary, don’t be surprised if you get handed a bonus check instead, as more and more companies are moving toward giving performance-based bonuses instead of handing out pay raises.

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Providence Business News

The Cost of Bonuses

If you're expecting a raise in salary, don’t be surprised if you get handed a bonus check instead as more and more companies are moving toward giving performance-based bonuses instead of handing out pay raises.

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New England Banking

The 60 Percent Myth : Bank Executives and Disability Insurance

When discussing disability insurance, particularly as it refers to highly compensated employees and professionals, there appears to be a distinct lack of understanding of the mechanics of disability income insurance coverage.

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California Broker

Filling the Coverage Gap for Highly Compensated Employees

When it comes to discussing disability insurance for highly compensated employees, it’s clear that many people don’t understand the mechanics of the coverage. Whether it’s an office worker or an executive, almost everyone says, “I didn’t realize that.”

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Hartford Business Journal

Security is Focus of Executive Benefits in the Year Ahead

With the current economic environment and political climate in Washington, highly compensated employees will continue to come under more pressure as federal and local governments target more of their income for confiscation.

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Benefits Pro

What to Expect in Executive Benefits in 2010

When it comes to executive benefits in the coming year, it seems clear, given the economic and political landscape, that a top issue will be security.

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Inside Tucson Business

Creating a Level Executive Benefits Playing Field Worldwide

Most U.S. corporations are justifiably proud of their sophisticated systems for delivering benefits to their executives, whether they are located in the U.S. or in various countries around the globe.

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Read the Fine Print

Read the Fine Print in Disability-Benefit Plans

Without question, one of an individual’s most important assets is the ability to earn an income and enjoy a lifestyle and financial security that accrues from that income.

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